The Social Network, Nolan's Inception & More

After a number of weekends on the road I needed spend a day horizontal in front of the TV. I would have gone to the threatre but The Social Network doesn’t open in Germany until the 7th, alas I was left to catch up on some movie watching – although I ended up with a longer list than what I started with (see the previous article about film finders). I finally saw Robin Hood, and I didn’t think it was as bad as some critics, agreed the film occupies an odd place between history and legend, but it was very enjoyable and top Scott-quality. I also watched An Education, not normally my kind of movie, a little slow moving but with superb acting by Alfred Molina and Carey Mulligan. I watched Archangel and Inception, again. I was planning on watching it all the way through, I just wanted to download it (I paid to see it once and will definitely be buying the DVD) and got hooked into the story once again – which has happened before, with Jaws for one. Indeed, Nolan said in an interview with a member of the Canadian press that this film will probably leave audiences with ideas to rattle around inside their brains (at the end of the clip) and I will admit that Nolan#s inception was successful, after a second run through I’m no where closer to knowing whether or not he was dreaming the whole time, or as some suggest, that Dom was incepted to get over the guilt for the death of his wife, but was once again blown away by the film. For those looing for the answer, there is a site devoted to it: Inception Theories. It’s more likely that it’s intentionally ambiguous, but maybe there is an answer.

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  1. ayatollah

     /  October 7, 2010

    Dude, just saw the social network here in the States. Gotta go see it.

  2. Just caught your notes above regarding Inception. I’d love to invite you over to my blog, Above the Line Practical Movie Reviews for a completely different take on the film.



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