The Thing 2011 Preview

Often the most frustrating things about previews is the fact that often, the releases being promoted aren’t exactly around the corner. Take the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, from the last post – that movie isn’t coming out for another year, assuming everything goes to plan. In December of last year, after watching a documentary about Antartica by Werner Herzog, I mentioned that there was a prequel to 1982′s The Thing by John Carpenter coming out, eventually. There was no teaser, but now there’s a trailer, and the opening date is within a reasonable distance – October 14, 2011. Only three months away! Or thereabouts. In any case, it’s not a remake, but a prequel tied tightly to the events of the initial film. Some people group prequels, remakes, reboots, spin-offs and the like into the same category – and this is the year of the sequel – but in this case it makes sense. From the looks of it the storyline is similar, the crew gets attacked and goes through the discovery, mutual distrust and hunting phases, but at the same time, which means the audience unfamiliar with the 1982 film will get the same wintry desolate goodness and the existing fans get the gory details as to what happened to the first crew. Check out the trailer.

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