Wall Street 2 Preview

When I first saw the poster for ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ with a noble-looking Shia LaBeouf sitting next to Michael Douglas I thought, ‘Really?’ Why a sequel and why have the still green (who some people don’t take seriously) LaBeouf carry the tune? But after a second thought and a look at the trailer, and given the recent financial crisis, perhaps it is the right time to get the smooth talking corporate raider extraordinaire Gordon Gekko out of the slammer (can you imagine anyone other than Michael Douglas in this role?). The movie is set on the backdrop of the 2008 stock market crash, where Gekko seems to be making a killing touting a book on the lecture circuit. Due to his criminal background no one heeds his warning about looming financial meltdown, instead he focuses his energies on winning back his estranged daughter. He enlists the help of Wall Street upstart Jacob ‘Jake’ Moore (LaBeouf), his daughter’s fiancé, who also has his own ‘beouf’ with his hedge fund manager. The film is due out in September this year, check out the trailer.

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